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Sukh Web Team.



    Sukh is a very mischievous kid but very warm and friendly.. He’s one of a kind , you just wanna love him and hug him ...His cute smile, innocent eyes, cute little actions wins your heart at once. He is obsessed about "CARS" His favourite place is "AUTO MALL" He can never get tired of looking at the cars. Oh yeah his second obsession is songs. Oh dont be surprised the music is in his blood. His third obsession is his clothes. He wants to dress his way. He likes to wear pants hates pajamas but anything with car pictures would do the trick.


    Sukhman likes to explore things (could be anything) but one thing for sure – He never breaks anything to explore.

    The best part about this lil cutely is never bothers us for eating, bathing and sleeping.

    He likes to dress up,, Be neat about his outfit and hands. He likes to put mousse on his hair, perfume on his clothes but only after taking a bath.

    He i s not too much into toys. Never gets crazy about buying toys. He has a little for clothes but not very much. But ones he’s stuck to a demand , its not easy to let go. But he understands. Well he is a kid afterall. What is a kid without a toy and a demand?


    I could go on and on writing about him.......There are many lovely things as well as a very few sour things to say about this car maniac.


    Harpreet Sappal 



    November 2008



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